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Easy Junk Removal is the number one choice and the most trusted company in Richmond Hill which has been serving its clients for many years with a very good quality of service. We are one of the most affordable service giving companies you will ever come across to. We are very transparent about our cost and pricing.

You will be given a clear cost and charges before getting services. We don’t charge you additional or take any hidden fees. If you come across any problem or difficulty after the removal or cleaning process or during the process, you can contact us and our team of professionals will be there at your service. They will identify the problems and get you the reliable solution to it. We provide you aftermath setups like continuous monitoring and maintenance if any problem occurs with out any extra or additional fee.

We strive on giving the best service to our customers with very budget friendly costing. Our professionals are trained and experienecd enough to provide you the tailored removing and installation of garbage bins along with garbage waste removal rservice and other things to you along with the maintenance service as well. We address and maintain any challenges and emergencies that come along with the cleaning and removing process with safe and sound environment.

We are always there for you if you need any thing from us . We are the trusted contractors and our service have never been failed or cancelled because of our dedication and commitment to our clients.

Residential Junk Removal
Commercial Junk Removal
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Our Team of Professionals

We are proud to say that we have a best professional team with all the pillars of trust and teamwork with excellent collaboration.

We work together in a very efficient way and we minimize our mistakes and continue ot deliver top quality results and service to our clients. We as a service oriented contractors have the best professionals and teams in Richmond Hill. Our professionals are so talented and experienced in this field that they exactly know how to handle the clients and satisfy them. With more than years of experience, they can handle any situation in a very easy and smooth way.

They understand that every clients are different and they can have different perception when it comes to removing junks and installing bins. Our experts provide custom made garbage bin installation and junk removal services and other services to our clients to meet their needs and styles.

The main point of our experts that makes us the best choice is their warmth and politeness towards clients. They are very understanding and compassionate towards the clients so that the environment could be comfortable and welcoming. We take pride in saying that we have got the best team of professionals to work with.


Our Promise: We promise our client to always provide them a high quality service at an affordable price. We are always there for our clients whenever they need us and we provide them with top notch quality service with care. Whether you require to remove junk and wastage that includes metals or other appliances from residential or commercial areas to garbage bin installation and many more.

Let us help you to create the safe and clean environment and maintain the environment friendly area that you have always wanted.